Surgo (Surgo Construction) has allowed badgers to maintain their habitat near their development site at Medburn by joining forces with E3 ecology to safeguard those that were on-site, meaning piling work was unable to commence.

Instead of applying for a licence to move the badgers, Surgo and E3 designed a way of encouraging the badgers to find a new home. The process involved, cutting down harmful vegetation, creating new doors for the new badger sett and using badger gates by putting up chain-link mesh around the entrances (s) to ensure badgers could get out, but that they could not re-enter their old sett.

The process took about two months to complete and was monitored using cameras to ensure the sett was empty before Surgo began the pilling work.

Surgo is now happy to report that the badgers seem to have settled nicely into their new homes 300 yards along the hedge and that work is proceeding well at Medburn!