The old water pump in Acklington, which had served the village with fresh water right up until the 1930’s, was looking tired and neglected.

Volunteers from the Acklington Community Team stepped in and cleared away the overgrown vegetation from around the site. But in doing so they exposed an even bigger problem: the original sandstone retaining wall was crumbling and dilapidated.

Without hesitation, site manager Paul Graham came to the rescue. Paul, who overseeing construction of ‘Southfields’, a new development of 16 houses next to the water pump, immediately put his team to work rebuilding the stone wall and repairing the wooden fence which surrounds the site.

Paul Graham said, “It was a real privilege to help local residents restore such an important piece of Acklington’s history.”

Tony Smithson from the Acklington Community Team said, “this is a great example of the construction industry and the local community working together for the common good.”